Civil War and Resolution.

Amit Shah
2 min readJun 29, 2021


A poem about self talk, and finding the way out of the storm.

Demons attack the mind.

Peace I cannot find.

Chest is heavy, knots in my belly.

Civil war. Attacked from all four.

Unguarded, mental torment.

Trapped in a box in a box in a box in a box in a box in a box. Labyrinths of dead ends. Tunnels. Marketing funnels. Wrestling with myself, and my health.

Seeking for answers in the landscape. Wallpaper and bullshit.

Drowned in whisky and blame on ice.

Sugar, spice, salt and dice.

Why are people staring? Laser eyes glaring. I’m just flesh and bones.

So allow your slightly more aggressive tones. Judgment for days man.

My belly burns. My soul yearns for peace.

Headphones in, lights go dim. I take a minute.

Change the sim.

Hands on my shoulders. I take a knee.

Arms around me.

I take a breath. I take another three.

I’m bringing the fight back to me.

I dissipate the blame and shame, lean into the pain.

Choose it. Confuse it.

Turn judgment into a lotus painting.

Self hatred cycles into self kindness through pedals along the beach. Engulfed by the sea, I turn a new leaf.

I’m a temple. I am love infinite divine.

I am the wind, the moon, the earth, and I am the stars in the sky. Let Flowers grow from your scars.

Lose yourself in me and find your path.

It begins and ends with colour, sound, rhythm and dance.

So Let’s begin again together from the start. Keep it simple, go with the flow.

Let things evolve.

Let love take hold, forgive yourself and be bold.



Amit Shah

I am a digital marketing professional. I am passionate about living an exceptional life, learning and giving all I can. Namaste 🙏🏽